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Which Municipality Is Right For You? Metchosin, Saanich, and Sidney

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If you’re looking to find a new home, then the location is going to be one of the most important factors in your decision. But it can be so hard to get a good feel for an area before you move. 

You don’t just need to find a good area — you need to find the right area for you. That’s why we’ve been running a series of articles to give you the lowdown on each municipality and help you to pick the right one for you.

This is our third in our “Which Municipality Is Right For You” series. We've previously covered the West Shore and Victoria/Esquimalt/Oak Bay.


If you want all the benefits of communal rural living, such as an idyllic pastoral paradise that feels far removed from the grind of city living — but without actually being too far from urban amenities and hubs, then Metchosin is the place for you!

Despite being just 20 kilometres from Victoria, Metchosin can thank the vision of its city leadership and the commitment of its community to a unique vision of modern rural life for its unique character and pace of life. 

Encompassing a wide geographic area that belies its stable low population of around 5,000, there is plenty of space and comfort to be found in Metchosin.

With a unique property market thanks to the prized location and a policy that limits urban development, Metchosin possibly suits a narrower band of homeowner than other districts.

With properties well above the average median income and consisting mostly of single-family dwellings, this is an ideal place for professionals with young families looking for their second home, as well as retirees who've built up savings. 

Thanks to the small population and community-driven ethos, Metchosin enjoys a reputation for having a strong sense of community, with an array of opportunities for new homeowners to join in and feel welcomed into the community.

Highlights include the Metchosin Farmer’s market, which operates from Mother’s Day through to the last Sunday of October, and the annual celebration of Metchosin day, with fun and festivities for all the family. 

A huge part of the appeal of Metchosin lies in its beautiful expanses of fresh air, open forests, and empty beaches.

Because of this, it’s no surprise that it has a lot to offer residents both in terms of recreational facilities and days out in nature.

With a wide range of equestrian clubs and bridle trails, this municipality should have a unique appeal to anyone with a passion for horses!

Metchosin also has a number of tremendous beauty spots, such as:

  • Witty’s Lagoon Regional Park
    This 56-hectare park offers a truly diverse bounty of wonders, with towering Douglas Fir forests leading onto a magical lagoon, as well as a rugged beach trail that borders a salt marsh and offers a shallow bay that’s perfect for a summer dip. 

  • Devonian Regional Park
    A small wildlife sanctuary that boasts the kind of secluded beauty and treasures that typify what makes Metchosin unique, with the highlight being Sherwood Pond: an ideal spot for a bit of relaxation and birdwatching. 

  • Albert Head Lagoon Regional Park
    This small and scenic lagoon is also a protected wildlife sanctuary, as well as a popular picnic spot. 


As the largest municipality in the area (and perhaps somewhat confusingly, a distinct district from both Central Saanich and North Saanich, both municipalities in their own right which we won't be discussing today), the area’s popularity is undeniable.

And it’s easy to see why with a combination of natural beauty and outdoor activities sitting alongside a thriving urban hub and cultural scene, as well as the ideal location for modern professionals.

Saanich is an ideal place for young professionals, first-time buyers, and investors, as a growing hub that enjoys a reputation as one of the best places to live, while still flying under the radar enough to keep prices from skyrocketing.

This development in the region is highlighted by Uptown Shopping Centre, which was a redevelopment project that saw an abandoned strip mall and neglected area become a shopping hub with over 80 shops and restaurants. 

When it comes to outdoor activities in Saanich, everything begins on the trail.

Saanich boasts some of Victoria’s most famous trails, highlighted by the ever-popular Galloping Goose Trail, a stunning walk along a decommissioned railroad line that will take you to fantastic trestles and towering forests.

There are also a number of scenic picnic spots ideal for a day out, such as Mount Douglas Park, Panama Flats, and Elk and Beaver Lake. 


There is something enduringly appealing about the idea of a seaside town. That perfect mixture of thriving artistry, benevolent hospitality, and of course, the scenic ocean backdrop.

And if that appeals to you, then you will find no better example than Sidney, which enjoys all of the benefits of a small seaside town, whilst also being in close proximity to Victoria. Making it ideal for people with young families, retirees, and professionals — especially those with a creative mindset. 

It’s this thriving arts and culture community that really sets Sidney apart, whether that’s their famed totems or their charming selection of local art galleries and cafes. Or maybe it’s the fact that Sidney is Canada’s only officially designated book town!  

Prospective buyers should be sure to look out for opportunities in one of Sidney’s high-end neighbourhoods, such as 10 Mile Point, Cordova Bay, and Broadmead.

And those with young families should direct their attention towards community-driven neighbourhoods like High Quadra, Cedar Hill, and Lake Hill.

Residents of any background will also be able to relax by taking advantage of Sidney’s numerous outdoor attractions, such as: 

  • Beacon Park
    This waterfront park offers the ideal picnic spot, with benches and a covered gazebo all with fantastic sea views

  • Tulista Park
    One of the most scenic parks in the entire region, this waterfront park is the perfect day out for families, with a children’s playground, picnic benches, skateboard park, and more!

  • Lochside Trail
    A historic railway that has been renovated into a 29 kilometre walking and biking trail, this is a great way to enjoy all the sights of Sidney at your own pace 

Once you’ve narrowed down your perfect location, it’s time to find your dream home. And here at Madsen Langlois, we can make that dream a reality. To find out how we can help you find your perfect home, get in touch today. 

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