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I am an Architect. Have been for 60 years...In the course of practicing architecture, one is around many real estate transactions. I never thought I would find myself going on about the virtues of a real estate agent, but a recent experience has prompted me to do so.

Through the course of the last year, my wife and I have relocated our personal dwelling and came to be represented and assisted by NIELS MADSEN, for the first sale of our previous home, and subsequently to facilitate our finding and securing a new one. One would think that buying and selling a home should be reasonably straight forward, and to a large extent it is. But there can be complexities, and there were, and pitfalls, and there were, and Niels was amazing in dealing with it all.

He is first and last knowledgeable, and professional to a fault. When complexities and pitfalls did materialize, he was on them like a terrier with a bone, diligent, tenacious, and consistently thorough.

On the part of selling our previous house what we thought might have been the more difficult step proved to be the most straightforward. Niels did a brilliant job creating marketing material, getting it out there, and servicing the process in what was actually not the most convenient location. On the part of acquiring a new home, finding the right solution seemed straightforward enough but the process of negotiating and securing a purchase was not, and in more than a couple of instances Niels uncovered, addressed, and tenaciously worked his way through them, consistently on our behalf and in our interest.

I couldn’t recommend him more highly.

Paul M. Merrick
B. Arch., Architect AIBC (Retired),
Design Consultant

Paul Merrick

When I first met Niels he said “I want to be your realtor for life.”  His performance demonstrated exactly that.  Niels managed the purchase and sale of three homes for us.  He was very thoughtful, extraordinarily thorough and left me with the belief that he truly had my family’s best interest at heart.  Niels and the Turnbulls part ways only because we left Victoria; he truly is a realtor you’d welcome into your home for life.

Robert and Francine Turnbull

Niels MadsenI would like to take this opportunity to write and express my appreciation for the very professional realty services provided to me by Niels Madsen. After discussions with other realty firms in Victoria I decided to sell my condominium property and then subsequently to purchase another two bedroom condominium apartment using the services of Niels Madsen. Put very simply, Niels displayed the professionalism, attention to detail, warmth, energy, friendliness and readiness to meet all the challenges of the realty market. During that time he exceeded my expectations, first in selling my condominium and then in purchasing another home.  The photographs taken, coupled with the documentation and promotional material were very professional and contributed to the early sale of my property during a somewhat slow market.

Jack Wells

Our family has used Niels as our realtor on several occasions, and would again in a heartbeat.  Working with Niels makes the stressful process of buying and selling a home an enjoyable and fun experience. Niels was always there when we needed him, and you can always feel confident that he is working with you, providing you with the most honest, and sound advice. We would always recommend Niels to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

Hayley and Tristan

The history of trying to sell my home is a tale of the ages, and thankfully with the sound guidance and support from Niels, my story ended with a happily ever after. Niels’ approach is friendly, professional and honest. He comes to the table well prepared and with his homework completed thoroughly. I always knew that he had my best interests at heart and that he would cast a wide net to get my information out to the masses. Niels dealt with the sale of my house smoothly and in a timely manner. Once we found a property that suited my needs, the purchase was also a breeze. He attended to all the details very thoroughly and professionally. I am very pleased to have worked with Niels and would highly recommend his services to friends and family. Again, my tale of the ages ended with a happily ever after.

Allison Murray

Niels and David were both really incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. We managed to get our dream home and we are really grateful for their expertise. Highly recommend them and would work with them in the future if we were ever on the market again. Cheers gents! 

Chad Nelson and Jocelyn Phillips

David LangloisCannot say enough good things about David, his knowledge of the greater Victoria market combined with his helpful insights into what to look out for in the houses we viewed with him were invaluable. First and foremost we trusted him to give us an unbiased view of the market and each house we were considering. He didn’t hesitate to bring up potentially major issues he saw in a place which ultimately saved us time and gave us the impression he was working with our best interests in mind. He was also very knowledgeable about the various strategies that listing agents were using and we came away with a purchase below the real market value of the house because of it. We spent 3 years looking for a house and David remained patient and professional with us throughout the process, I wouldn’t hesitate to list or buy with him again in the future.

John Sherrin

I was hoping to buy a property in rush on the Island and was suggested to use David as my Real Estate agent. He worked with my tight schedule and helped to answer all of my questions regarding the Victoria market. I'm very happy with how he negotiated on my behalf and would recommend Madsen Langlois for any real estate services that you require.

Jake K

David was amazing to deal with from the start. He made myself, as first time home buyers feel comfortable and informed throughout the entire experience. David is incredibly kind and lighthearted and really made the home purchasing process a stress-free and fun experience. I highly recommend David and I look forward to using his services in the future.

Paige M

David has been a fantastic resource in the 10 years I've known him. He has been my go-to guy for all of my real estate questions and he has been with me on both the buying and selling side numerous times. I can't say enough good things about how he goes about his business and I would highly recommend him to anyone buying or selling their home. David is first-class!

Joshua Hample

We recently purchased a house in Sidney, B.C.  We were very impressed by Niels Madsen with whom we negotiated the sale.  He was extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the transaction.  He was able to advise us, not only on current real estate details but also on past building customs, restrictions and regulations.  He did so in a friendly, non-invasive manner.  Niels was able to work as a team member, helping all parties in the transaction achieve their goals by interceding so that everyone benefitted and enjoyed a high level of satisfaction. We would thoroughly recommend Niels and will gladly seek his services in the future.

Peter and Gwen Lloyd

As a first time home buyer, Niels provided me with exceptional and knowledgeable service.  The first meeting consisted of an informative conversation and presentation so I could be comfortable and clear of the process.  After providing Niels with my list of expectations, he was able to narrow my search of homes saving me valuable time and energy.  His advice and consultation throughout the process guided me and allowed me to make thoughtful decisions.  It was refreshing to work with such an experienced professional with attention to detail and personal interest in my purchase.  Thanks for everything Niels and I love my new home!

Joyce Preston

Niels Madsen did a fantastic job selling our home. Niels was well prepared, provided accurate market analysis and created compelling marketing materials that resulted in sale in only 18 days for 98% of asking price. Niels' charismatic approach was a real asset during the open house. Niels also provided an excellent service as our buying realtor. He listened to and understood our needs. Niels also provided valuable experience-based insights when recommending and viewing homes. Ultimately, Niels' professional representation allowed us to win the house we wanted.

Grant and Julia Hodgins

We have had the pleasure of working with Niels on two purchases and one sale. Upon meeting Niels we felt confident that he would be our Realtor and would represent our best interests to help us achieve our goals for each transaction. Niels is dedicated, professional, and thorough. He proactively sought out detailed research on each property and provided survey certificates, permits, and other key documentation. This assistance took extra time but ultimately prevented any surprises that could complicate or compromise the sale or purchase of a property. We highly recommend Niels without hesitation.

Steve & Linda Biggs

Niels Madsen has been my realtor of choice on four occasions.  He has helped me through a variety of situations and I highly value his advice. He is knowledgeable about Victoria's real estate market and provides reliable, honest information to his clients. Whether selling or purchasing, it is important to have a professional who understands your needs.  Niels provides personalized service, and always finds a way to achieve the goal.

Lee Smyth

We met Niels Madsen several years ago when we attended an open house. He was congenial, informative and professional. At the time we remembered thinking that he was the kind of realtor that we would like to have when the time came to sell or buy a house. We did remember him and did call upon him several months ago to sell our condo. We sold our condo fairly quickly and were delighted with the ease of the transaction. He is a man of integrity and we would highly recommend Niels for your future selling/buying plans.

Fraser and Paula Noel

When we first met Niels at an open house, we liked him immediately and knew we'd like to work with him to find a home to buy. As first time home buyers in British Columbia, we were impressed with Niels' level of professionalism, attention to details, and knowledge of the Victoria market. Niels took the time to thoroughly present the pros and cons each home we viewed with him in light of what we were looking for. We are so happy with our new home and are glad we took the time we did with Niels to help us find the right one! 

JF Rapatel and Danelle Kabush

David helped with buying our current place. Total professional. Couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you!!

Charlie Pahl

When we begun searching for our first home, we attended numerous open houses as a means to interview potential realtors.  None of them really lived up to our expectations for a variety of reasons.  We were feeling pretty discouraged at this point.  We eventually heard word of the Binab Property Group from a waitress while looking over some home listings, and consequently, got in touch with Niels.  Over the next 18 months, Niels had the patience to endure several dozen showings all over Victoria.  He always seemed to be able to make time for us, had each property thoroughly researched, and was willing to point out the pros and cons of each listing.  We did not feel rushed into any sale and he seemed to respect our decisions when turning down various listings.  We did eventually buy a house through Niels in the location and price range of interest.  The home did require quite a bit of renovation work, but Niels was willing to accommodate the extra time and effort required to meet with contractors at the property prior to the removal of conditions. Thank you Niels for your enduring patience in this process!

Thomas Blakely and Mei Cha

I like working with you because I like the honest personality you bring to the table.  After we talked I thought about what I would say about you to other people looking for an agent and it would be something along the lines of "I feel the advice that he gives to me as a client is the advice he would give to himself if he was making the same move".  It means I feel a level of trust when working with you and in today's market, to me, that is the most valuable currency.

Allen Hall

Dear Niels, It has been a pleasure to work with you on my first ever home purchase! I admire and appreciate your attention to detail, your knowledge of all things condominium and how you shared that knowledge with me. Your ability to listen to my needs and the gentle advise and guidance you provided along the way. Most importantly I appreciate the genuine interest you had in helping me find the perfect home. I could not have been in better hands. Thank you for making this experience pleasant and fun!

Ame-Lia Tamburrini

I love the new house Niels! Sitting in this backyard is the next thing to paradise. Good job finding this one. Thanks once again!

Raymond Joubert

My real estate lifetime history includes purchasing 3 homes at different times, the most recent of which is my current home in Victoria. So my experience is not extensive but I was more than a newly minted house-searcher when I began looking for property on the Island. A good friend introduced me to Niels, who established himself quickly as knowledgeable and patient. My search spanned the best part of 7 years. We saw many properties because my criteria changed and evolved… and because I need to hear Helen of Troy playing the lyre and singing to me before I buy. Niels always assured me of his commitment to me, and that the process would eventually come together in the buying of a place I felt was excellently suitable. Which in fact occurred about 8 months ago. Offering a glowing testimonial for Niels is one of the easiest notes I have written. I would refer anyone to him confidently. Without suggesting a 7-year run at the cause.

Alan Segal

We worked with David last year when we bought our new home and sold coincidingly. It was a seller’s market and we had to act fast once we found the right house. He was willing and available to help us when needed while we navigated the house search with our twin toddlers. He made the process of listing our house way less daunting than we feared & it sold quick. He also ensured we were happy & not settling for anything less than what we wanted both on the sale and the purchase. We are very happy with his great service and exceptional sense of humour too and of course our new home! We would definitely recommend David for your Real estate needs.


Dear Niels, Thank you for being such a great Realtor and helping us navigate the process of finding and buying a house in Victoria . You were friendly, honest, informative, professional and you represented us well when presenting our offer. Thanks for working with us and taking the time and extra effort to find out details about, and showing us, all kinds of properties on the market. We really appreciate all you did!

The Steinemanns

I have sold and purchased multiple properties with David. David has been very professional and honest. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him for your next real-estate transaction.

C Longridge

David’s professionalisms and market knowledge is top notch. It’s always a pleasure working with him.

Iris Sunday

David & Niels standing on the Galloping Goose Trail

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