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How To Stage Your Home For Success - 8 Aspects To Consider

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‘All The World’s A Stage’ — and your home should be the grandest of them all, especially if your audience is prospective buyers. Staging is vitally important because those in-person impressions will be what ultimately sways a buyer. Your home may look good in photos, and sound good on paper, but if the reality doesn’t match up with expectations buyers may very well look elsewhere.

Imagine a job interview: you dress to impress, you prepare the right answers, and you go out of your way to win over your hopeful future employers. Think of staging as preparing your home for its very own job interview! With that in mind, here are our top tips for how you can stage your home and win over prospective buyers. 

Curb Appeal 

Curb appeal remains one of the most in-vogue buzzwords when it comes to real estate and housing — and there is a very good reason for this. Not only will that first impression that prospective buyers get when they drive by your home influence their decisions, it can even persuade or dissuade buyers from taking a tour to begin with. 

Curb appeal is one of the easiest things to improve for any homeowner, and there are a number of little things you can do to make your home stand out. You could opt for something as simple as tidying up your driveway and front garden area, or you could remodel your front door or exterior walls to really showcase your home.  

Green Fingers 

No matter what size or style of garden you have, it’s undoubtedly one of the most important staging areas in your home. But it can be one of the most difficult to get right if you’re not working with a large or particularly scenic area. Rather than simply writing it off, consider setting up a charming table and some light floral arrangements to create an outdoor breakfast nook or casual dining area.

If you’re lucky enough to have a larger area, find a way to highlight centerpieces such as flower beds, water features and more. And make sure everything is perfectly manicured and in keeping with seasonal elements. 

A Friendly Welcome

Once your visitors step inside, you want to make sure that they feel at home from the very first moment they enter. This is because staging isn’t just about selling your home, it’s also about influencing the moods and emotions of buyers.

A warm welcome and first impression can go a long way to setting a positive mood. That’s why it’s important to make sure your porch is as welcoming as possible. This can be achieved with a friendly personalized doormat, potted plants, furniture, tasteful decorations or art pieces, and by ensuring the room is well-lit and comfortable.

Fine Dining

One of the most overlooked rooms when it comes to staging is the dining room. But decorating your dining room is a great way to improve the staging of your home. It’s a focal point, especially for families, but it’s a hard room to sell without the experience of the dining atmosphere. So, use staging to try and recreate that atmosphere.  Consider lining the table with floral arrangements, tablecloths, and any elements you have that can contribute to creating a more dynamic atmosphere.

Apply A Careful Touch 

It’s totally understandable if your home is arranged in a way that offers style and comfort fo you — but it’s important to appeal to a broader set of tastes when you’re staging your home. We suggest rearranging your furniture in line with symmetrical arrangements and keeping everything away from the walls so as to offer an intimate feel. In terms of colours, make sure your home is painted using neutral and sophisticated colours that match well. A colour chart could come in handy here if you’re unsure.  

Spatial Awareness 

Just as important as the style and aesthetics, is how you use the space in your home is vital for staging. Prospective buyers may be willing to overlook other elements, especially if they want to put their own personal touch on the place—but they will want to make sure their new home has all the space they need. This means emphasizing areas of potential space and arranging your home to make the most of the space available. One great trick is to make sure any storage or closet areas are only partly full, enough to look lived in, but also enough to suggest there’s plenty of room to spare. 

Make The Most Of Any Additional Rooms 

Does your home have extra rooms — maybe ones that you’ve been using for storage, as a home office, as a workout room, or some other purpose? Then it’s time to pack everything away and ask yourself, what would the prospective buyer want to use this space for? An extra room can be a tremendous selling point, but it’s important to not get tied up in how you’ve been using that space, otherwise, that potential will be wasted.

If you’re looking to sell to families, consider borrowing some furniture from someone you know and decorating the room in a way that suggests it would make a great children’s bedroom or playroom. Or, if your audience is working professionals who want to make the most of their downtime,  you could kit it out with a tv and a comfy seating to suggest a relaxing entertainment room. 

Lifestyle Suggestions

Considering the lifestyle of your future buyer shouldn’t just be limited to any extra rooms you have — your whole home should be staged in a way that’s suggestive of your buyer's lifestyle. This is what elevates a house to a home, and helps buyers envision their future living there. If you have a home tucked away in a leafy suburb, is it ideal for young professionals looking to make their first move out of the city? Consider a sleek modern look, with an emphasis on kitchen and dining areas, and a garden with a relaxing hammock and plenty of space to enjoy the newfound peace and quiet. 

Call In The Professionals 

When it comes to staging your home it pays to get every detail right. And the best way to do that is by bringing in a professional, someone with an expert eye and a flair for the creative. That’s why we work frequently with Angela Sawyer of Room Redo, one of the very best in the interior design business. To find out more about this, and all of our other expert real estate services we offer, contact us today!

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