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Backyard Gardening in Victoria - Showcase Your Home

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The west coast is famed for the spectacular beauty and diversity of its fauna, with some of the best gardens and forest areas in the world. But what about something a little closer to home? 

It’s true that some of the same conditions, the temperate rainforests, towering trees, and ample space, that make this area so beautiful, also pose their own unique challenges to home gardeners. Not to mention the increasingly unpredictable weather cycles and seasons! 

But ultimately it’s worth it to get that spectacular garden that can make your home feel more like a home, and provide exceptional value when it comes to the time to sell. 

So here’s our look at what you need to know to make the most of your Victoria backyard garden, and why gardens are so important to us as homeowners, and realtors!

Showcase Your Home Through The Garden 

Your garden is often the first impression you’ll get to make as a homeowner, which means it’ll set the tone for how any prospective buyer perceives your property - and a good garden can ensure they’re seeing everything through rose-tinted glasses.

Beautiful landscaping isn’t limited to the garden; it’s the plants and trees, the finish on the property walls and doors. It’s all about painting a picture to prospective buyers, one that says, “this is where you want to live”. 

That’s why it’s important to not only think about what looks good but to make sure the various elements marry cohesively. For example, if you have an older building with classical finishes, you may want a more open and expansive garden, one that relies on stone features and subtle flowers alongside larger trees and shaded areas. 

Beyond that first impression, the garden is also an important part of any prospective buyers vision for what their daily life may look like. 

Whether they’re a keen gardener who enjoys long days out in the garden, someone with a large family, or someone who likes to host and entertain, it’s important to understand what your prospective buyer will want, and try and give them a garden that makes it easy for them to envision what their daily life may look like. 

What You Can Do

Beyond these principles, there are some in trend, and some evergreen, ways of sprucing up your garden to ensure that it will appeal to prospective buyers. 

Here are our favourite top tips that you can implement:

  • Raised Garden Beds
    Since the beginning of the pandemic, many people have rethought their relationship with their homes and gardens, wanting to make more of the spaces they have available to them. You can take advantage of this, by showcasing your garden as a space for daily activity, and a great way to do this is by incorporating raised garden beds. 

  • Micro-Orchards
    Another trend, is that now more than ever people want fresh and organic produce, as well as a garden that not only looks good, but can help be a key part of a sustainable lifestyle. Incorporating a micro-orchard into your garden space can be a great way of adding value. 

  • A Dedicated Entertainment Space
    Even once the pandemic recedes, outdoor entertaining is going to be an important part of many people’s lives. Which means it’s a great idea to showcase how your garden can be used as a fully-featured outdoor entertainment area, with patios, built-in furniture, and even a second kitchen or pizza oven. 

No Matter What The Weather

No matter how you’re appealing to prospective buyers, or your own tastes, building any spectacular garden requires being able to effectively manage and cultivate no matter what the weather. 

In BC, we’re certainly faced with some unique conditions, so here are the best tips to make the most of the BC climate and grow your own feature garden. 

BC is famous (or notorious) for, rain. In fact, over half of all of North America’s coastal rainforests can be found in the area, which in total covers almost a quarter of the world’s temperate rainforests. 

And, the climate is perfect for producing these amazing natural sights, as well as being one of the reasons we’re able to grow such fabulous gardens, you just have to know how to make the most of this unique climate. 

First things first, no matter what you’re doing—carpe diem! No, that doesn’t mean shedding your coats and dancing in the rain, we just mean that you should take advantage of the good weather when it’s there, getting essential prep, maintenance, and planting done.

While rain is essential for the growth of flowers and plants, traipsing around a waterlogged garden isn’t anyone’s idea of a relaxing experience. 

Manage Your Drainage 

Getting the drainage in your garden right is important for any gardener, but for gardeners in BC, it may be the most important thing. 

The first thing you need to discover is what kind of soil you have in your garden: clay or sandy. There is a simple test for this, by squeezing a handful of damp soil in your hand, you can tell whether it’s sandy or clay-based on the response. The more it falls apart, the sandier the soil, and the more it holds, the more clay is making up the composition. 

For gardens in Victoria, loamy clay-like soil is preferable, so if that’s already the case, that’s good news! If not, you’ll need to add organic materials like compost or sea soil to help it retain moisture and nutrients. 

Another trick you can use to make the most of your garden is to plot a sun map. Not only is this important due to the temperate climate of BC, but many of our gardens are shaded by majestic Douglas firs, which makes for an impressive sight, but it is also important to consider when planning your garden. 

A sun map means you’ll know where the brightest spots in your garden are, which are in shade, and how this shifts depending on the time of day and year. 

Whether you’re looking to find the perfect home, with the perfect garden, or get the best value for your property, get in touch. Our team offers a wealth of experience and expertise that will help your property search go according to plan. 

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