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Tips For Moving Your Family To A New Neighbourhood

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Moving into a new neighbourhood is never easy, even at the best of times, and for children, this is doubly true. With that in mind, it’s important for families to plan and prepare themselves, doing everything they can to make this move as stress-free and easy to handle as possible. 

The first step is often timing - no one wants to move in the middle of a school year, which means that many families are undoubtedly preparing for that big move right now.  

If that includes you, here are some of the most important things you need to keep in mind when moving before school begins. 

Keep Your Children Involved

Throughout the duration of the move, it’s really important to keep your children involved in as much of the proceedings as possible. This goes for both the school, the neighbourhood, and the house itself. 

One great way of doing this is by letting them have a say in the decision-making process, whether that’s something big, such as choosing between multiple school options, or something as simple as which room they’ll be getting and how it will be decorated. 

Even if they don’t have a direct voice in the move, they can still be a part of what’s happening. 

For the school, make sure you visit together in advance, ideally with a private tour where you can meet the teachers and your child can get a feel for the layout of the school. If there are any school events happening, ask if it’s possible to attend. 

At home, make sure they’re able to explore both the house and the neighbourhood. Taking a walk or a bike ride together will be a great way for them to get acclimated and excited about their new life. 

Also consider getting involved socially in the area. If there are any groups with sports or recreational activities your child enjoys, these would be a great way of making new friends. Social media will be an incredibly useful tool for finding places.

Positive Attitude

It sounds simple, but your children will absolutely be taking their cues from you when it comes to how they approach the move, making an outwardly positive attitude a must for a smooth transition. 

This means talking about the move with them as often as possible, discussing all the things they can do at their new school, and some of the sights to see nearby. 

A positive approach doesn’t just refer to the attitude you take - it also means taking a proactive approach, answering any questions, addressing concerns, and being as forthright and honest as possible about what’s happening, keeping the dialogue open at all times.

Get The First Day Right

The first day often takes on a huge importance for children at a new school; it’ll set the tone for the rest of the year, and form the backbone of those crucial first impressions, so take extra care to plan everything accordingly. 

Making sure they have everything they need, and that there are no unexpected surprises, will go a long way to helping your child settle into their new school. If you have the time, doing a trial run beforehand will help ensure the first day goes off without a hitch. 

Honour The Old Memories

As important as looking to the future is, when you’re planning a move to a new neighbourhood it’s also important not to overlook or neglect the past. 

Honouring your child’s memories of their old home, and making space for them to say a proper goodbye to both their friends and places they had a connection to will help them cope with the changes. And, with social media, it should be easy for them to stay in touch with their friends. 

Be Patient

Settling into a new neighbourhood is a process and as with any process, it’s important to practice patience. 

Make sure you give your children plenty of time to settle into a new school and a new area and that you have an open dialogue with their teachers so that any changes or new developments can be responded to. 

Develop A Routine

Moving to a new neighbourhood will always be an unfamiliar experience, which makes settling into a routine quickly vitally important. 

This isn’t limited to just getting to and from school, but also making sure that the rest of their days and weekends have structure and predictability will help lessen the shocks of the move.

As a part of this routine, try and schedule in as much quality family time and shared activities as possible, especially if you have siblings. This will give you space to talk about the new area, as well as helping everyone to feel more relaxed. 

Wherever possible, try and replicate the previous routine from your old home to keep things as familiar as possible. 

The most important of your move is, of course, finding the right property for your family - an experience that should be an enjoyable revelation, one where an expert takes care of all the problem areas for you. That’s the peace of mind we offer at Madsen Langlois, ensuring you make the right move for you. To find out more, get in touch with us today.

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