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The Importance Of Listing Photos - Why A Listing Needs Good Photos

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Do listing photos matter? When it comes to selling your property the answer is a resounding yes. In the past one of the biggest selling points of any property was its curb appeal, because of that first impression made when a prospective buyer would view a property. Nowadays, that first viewing doesn’t come when the buyer approaches the physical property — it happens when they view a listing online.

We’ve seen this replicated in numerous studies of the property market which show that listings with professional quality listing photos sell faster, and often for higher sums, than those without. With studies showing that professional photography can cause a listing to sell around 50% faster. And as prospective buyers put more and more stock into their online property searches, it’s reasonable to expect this to continue.

Why is this the case? Read on to find out, and to gain a better understanding of just how and why you can use professional-quality listing photos to your advantage. 

Make A Positive First Impression

The overwhelming majority of prospective buyers will use the Internet as a key part of their property search, especially in the initial stages. This means any first impression you get to make will come courtesy of the photographs that accompany the listing. This makes listing photos vitally important. At its simplest — if these photos don’t make the right first impression than the buyer will more than likely skip past the listing entirely.

Property searches often turn up countless potential results for buyers, and they simply won’t have the time to look at every single one in detail. Does your property have tremendous unique selling points? Does it match all of their needs? If the listing photo doesn’t entice them in, the answers to those questions won’t matter. These first impressions will also greatly affect the perception of the buyer, making them more likely to be enticed by the property, and promoting a positive emotional response. 

Staging And Emotional Appeal 

The defining characteristic that sets professional photography apart is the staging — this is how each room is arranged in order to appeal to the prospective buyer. Homes are built to be lived in, and you need to be able to appeal to the emotions and experiences that living in this particular property can create. An empty home will lack the ability to appeal to those emotions, leaving a blank slate that fails to make an impact.

Staging doesn’t end there — there are smaller nuances in how the property is staged that can have a significant impact. Professional photographers will often remove personal items or potentially divisive pieces of art and furniture. But these not only risk putting buyers off, but can also cause them to become distracted and overlook the property. If they spend 10 minutes talking about a photo or a piece of art there’s a good chance they aren’t thinking about the property. Staging can also be used to play on attributes that make the property appealing, with arrangements that can suggest a distinctive atmosphere, such as cozy and comfortable, or stylish and cosmopolitan, depending on the lifestyle of your target buyers. 

A Professional Aura

For every prospective buyer, one thing will remain true — they want to make the sale as quickly and as efficiently as possible, and this is where professional listing photos can have a subtle but profound effect. A set of professional listing photos sends a signal to the buyer; that you’re serious about selling, and intend to go about it the right way. It also reduces the time the buyer has to spend on their property search, as they don’t have to chase down details or information that isn’t captured because it’s all there for them to see. 

The One That Got Away

Imagine a scenario: there are two properties of equal interest to a buyer. One with professional photos, and one without. The buyer wants to find out more about both and books a viewing, only the property with photos is available much sooner. If that viewing goes well, will they hold off for a property that they haven’t even laid eyes on? Unlikely. Professional listing photos ensure you don’t miss out on a potential buyer by giving them proof of concept even before they can attend a viewing.  

Showcase The Location 

When someone buys a property they’re taking into consideration more than just the property itself — the location and all the amenities and benefits it offers that will play an essential role in which property they choose. For most people showcasing these positives will be left to the property descriptions, but with professional listing photos, there’s a better way. For example, if your property is an apartment building with high-class facilities or a property with beautiful scenic views, photos that show these elements will really help to sell the property to prospective buyers. 

As experts in real estate with a proven track record of success — we understand the importance of high-quality professional listing photos. That’s why we offer our very own professional staging services, to find out more, and see some of our previous work visit the staging services area of our website.  

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