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8 Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring a REALTOR®

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Whether you’re buying or selling, getting the right end result for your property needs is one of the most important life decisions someone can make. This makes it all the more vital that you go into the process with an understanding of exactly what you should be looking for in a REALTOR®, as they will be the key person to guide and advise you. Here are 8 key questions you should be asking any prospective REALTOR® before you begin the journey.

1. What is Your Availability?

One of the most important questions to ask, whether you’re looking to buy or sell, is to check on their current availability and workload—especially if you’re looking to make a move promptly, as they may not be able to prioritize your case. Conversely, if you’re not looking to make significant moves fast, you may want to ask them about their plans for the period when you expect to be busiest. After all, you want them to be able to focus on you and your needs as much as possible.

2. What is Your Communication Style?

When it comes to buying and selling a property, interpersonal skills and communication styles will go a long way to helping you get the results you want. Because of this, be sure to ask your REALTOR® questions about their negotiation style, how they approach prospective buyers and sellers, and have them talk you through a typical negotiation process for them. Also ask them about their communication preferences with their clients, do they do face to face, email, or phone calls, and how much detail they provide. Be sure to find someone whose style matches your own needs and preferences.

3. What is Your Experience?

You shouldn’t always assume that more experience is better, however the quality of the experience a REALTOR® has, and how pertinent it is to your situation, will absolutely be important. Start by asking them about their experiences and knowledge in the area you’re looking to either buy or sell within. This knowledge will help when it comes to understanding the positives and negatives of the area, as well how they situate your property in the market, or whether they’ll know exactly where to look to find the right property for you. When it comes to experiences and past knowledge, don’t be afraid to also ask for references from past clients, who can provide you with valuable insight.

4. What Are Your Marketing Plans?

No matter how desirable your home is, getting the best price and the most interest for it will often come down to how well it is marketed. Ask about MLS listing plans, as well as advertisement strategies. Also talk to them about their plans for the listing itself, in terms of photos, staging, and property descriptions. There are a variety of different approaches a REALTOR® can take, and how effective each approach is will often be dependent on the property, and intended audience, so look for someone that is thinking in terms of what will make your property the most appealing.

5. What Are Some of The Drawbacks of My Property?

Positivity is a good thing when it comes to selling your home, but it’s also important to have a REALTOR® who understands the potential drawbacks and negatives, both so that you can be proactive in potentially fixing them, and so you know they will be mitigated in terms of the marketing and selling process. It also offers you a chance to find a REALTOR® who will be honest and realistic with you, something that will be vital for the relationship. 

6. How Much Can I Afford?

No matter what your budget, you should be able to find a home that is perfect for you. Which means you should avoid overstretching yourself and paying beyond your means, and find a real estate agent who understands the importance of that. Talking through things with a mortgage professional, and sharing that information with a REALTOR®, or getting their advice on the process and making sure everyone is on the same page about your budget is a good way to start things on the right foot.

7. How Are You Going to Understand What My Dream Home Looks Like?

Not everyone comes into the process with a perfect vision in their mind of what their ideal home will look like, and even if you do, articulating that into a set of criteria that a REALTOR® can use to find suitable properties can be tricky sometimes. A good REALTOR® will often have a survey or a set of questions they ask to help them understand what you’re looking for. Asking for this and making sure you have a common understanding will help ensure you’re not missing out on the perfect property for you.

8. What is Your Purchasing Strategy?

In much the same way as a prospective buyer should inquire about a REALTOR’s® marketing strategy, a prospective buyer should have a REALTOR® talk them through their typical purchasing strategy, and how they would expect that to play out for your property search. Here are some further key questions you should be asking about when it comes to purchasing strategies:

  • What methods do you use for property searches?
  • How will you notify me when a new property is made available?
  • How much competition will I face from other buyers?
  • What is your strategy for handling multiple offers?
  • How do you approach subject free offers?
  • Do you have access to exclusive offers other REALTORs® might not?

There is no substitute for preparation, knowledge, and the proven ability to deliver results when it comes to getting the best REALTOR® to get the best deal for you—and that’s exactly what we’ve achieved for countless clients at Madsen Langlois. To find out more about how we can help you achieve your property dreams, get in touch with us today.

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